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Email List of Hotels should be your first source of leads if you’ve been supplying items or services to hotels, or if you’ve been thinking to increase the size of your clients as well as your sales figure and profit margin. It’s best to use the list as it is consisted of at least 20 thousand hotels in United States and Canada. As a matter of fact, the list is rapidly growing and has become the first source of marketing option in the niche of hospitality. As of today, this particular list is still leading as other directories do not own such a cheap and long list of ready buyers. The database has at least 20,000 of hotels, 26,000 contact emails and 20,000 websites with domain names. Many users of the list prefer to utilize the emails rather than postal addresses as emails produce quicker results and they are more economical. As a matter of fact, the emails in this list are valid and active, so messages can be delivered to prospects with 100 percent guarantee. Unlike other email lists, this list only contains updated emails, and this explains its 100% deliverable promise.

Hotels play a vital role in the community – they serve the needs of locals as well as tourists. In the database there are various hotels to choose from, and each of them comes with different purposes and benefits. For budget hotels, these are for those who are looking to stay away from home with the smallest budget in hand. Most of them are comfortable to stay at, and they also provide convenient amenities with affordable price ranges. Airport motels, on other hand, are designed more toward catering the needs of tourists who have just arrived in a new country or of locals who want to spend their night at the airport before they depart to another state or country. Next are resorts – these are similar to hotels but are more tuned in for large groups or families. Various amenities are provided in resorts including spas, Jacuzzis, golf courses and playroom for kids. For those who love gambling, they can stay at casino hotels where guests can enjoy free stay or discount vouchers if their expenses in the casino reach certain amount of dollars.

Note: An Australian Hotels List is now available

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Important Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Watch Out For


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Companies are often found to list email as one of the most important marketing tools. The size of your email mailing list and databases demonstrates your reach as far as your customers are concerned. In order to evaluate the performance of your email marketing strategy, you need to keep a watch on the ongoing trends involved in the various key metrics. This way you can compare the performance of each campaign against your own averages.


Your ESP should be able to provide you with all the information regarding each of your campaign. Here are some of the most important email metrics that you can use to measure your performance and how you can use them to enhance your overall mail marketing program.


Bounce rate


The percentage of mails that were sent but couldn’t be delivered to a recipient’s Inbox is called ‘bounce’.


This metric can be very helpful in uncovering the potential issues in your email list. Bounces are of two kinds, hard and soft. While the latter is a result of some temporary issue with a valid mail address, the former results from an invalid or closed mail id. Soft bounces results due to full inbox or a server problem on the side of the recipient. In case of hard bounces, the mail does not get delivered at all.


Delivery rate


This is the percentage of emails that gets delivered to the recipients’ mail in-boxes. Delivery rate is extremely important because in order to engage customers you need to make sure that they are delivered to your target recipients.


You should target for a delivery rate of 95%. If your delivery report is going down, it could mean that there is an issue with your email mailing list and databases. If you are going through the same problem then you should better examine the content and subject line of the message. It may not have been blocked by major ISPs and corporate firewalls or flagged as spam.


Open rate


Marketers use this metric to measure the success rate of their campaigns, but it is often an unreliable estimate for various reasons.


An email is considered to be ‘opened’ only if the recipients receives the images embedded in a message, and a large percentage of mail users are likely to have enabled image-blocking on their mail client. This means your message does not get included in the open rate, even if the recipients open the mail, thus, making it an inaccurate metric for you, as it under-reports the true numbers that you score. However, on the flip side, open rates can be manipulated by writing sensational subject lines that compels users to open a message but then leaves them feeling misled by the content of the same.



CTR or Click Through Rate


This shows the percentage of audience who clicked on the link provided in your mail. The CTR indicates the relevance of your message and whether the offer is compelling enough for a user to act or take action. For instance, mail newsletters often have higher CTRs than promotional messages. Thus, it is better to compare your CTRs with the other types of mails that you send.


Email marketing with the help of email mailing list and databases is a powerful way of enhancing your business results. Making use of these metrics can indeed, help your business make the best out of email marketing campaign.