InsightsBrand experienceRay-Ban and AEG’s winning formula: Music festivals and data-driven branding

Ray-Ban and AEG's winning formula: Music festivals and data-driven branding

How the sunglasses giant created subconscious brand recall value with music festival-goers through the power of strategic partnerships and experiential marketing

30-second summary:

  • Live event sponsorships present a massive opportunity for brands to build awareness, visibility, trust, and recall
  • Ray-Ban has gained a unique advantage by being part of their customers’ most euphoric moments through live event sponsorship
  • Ray-Ban’s event sponsorship with ‘All Points East’ resulted in a 30% increase in product ‘consideration’, 35 million media impressions, 47 million social impressions, and more
  • This case study is a deep dive into Ray-Ban and its global entertainment partner AEG’s brand relationship that has harnessed live events and audience data to devise highly targeted marketing

For decades, we have witnessed the influence of pop-culture icons on the masses. Ray-Ban has been a brand loved by and associated with both icons and the masses equally. Riding on this wave, Ray-Ban partnered with AEG, one of the world’s largest entertainment companies to engage consumers and showcase Ray-Ban’s products in immersive experiences.

In this case study, we spoke with Will Dowdy, Vice President of Global Partnerships, AEG Presents, to understand how Ray-Ban is engaging music and sports fans through event sponsorships.

The origin of Ray-Ban’s presence at music festivals

Since 2015, Ray-Ban has been collaborating with the UK’s festival business. The partnership started with BST Hyde Park, one of London’s biggest festivals that attracted over 65,000 people a day, and featured show-stopping performances from top artists. The collaboration began when Nick Furman, Global Brand Special Projects & Head of PR North Europe at Luxottica, reached out to the festival organizers to develop an idea of providing artist gifting in the backstage area, which was a first for the festival.

Although it was a private area, the organizers felt that Ray-Ban was an ideal partner due to the brand’s long-standing relationship with music and artists. The concept was simple but effective: Ray-Ban set up a bar with their sunglasses on display and allowed artists to take pictures with them. They didn’t sell or push their products, but instead relied on organic interactions to spread brand awareness. Artists could enjoy a drink while having their pictures taken in Ray-Ban sunglasses. The campaign was hugely successful, and they continued to run it for several years.

How Ray-Ban’s backstage gifting strategy segued into an event partnership journey

The partnership that began with a simple backstage gifting strategy in 2015 continued to deepen helping Ray-Ban cement its presence among celebrities and artists. In 2018, Ray-Ban moved beyond the backstage gifting strategy and engaged with music fans by setting up an experiential space in the general admission area of the newly launched event ‘All Points East’, (now called ‘Luno Presents All Points East’) hosted for a trendy crowd at Victoria Park.

Ray-Ban also produced a limited edition ‘All Points East x Ray-Ban’ Sunglasses’, which was well-received by festival-goers.

The Power of Partnerships and Data in Branding

AEG Global Partnerships’ respect for Ray-Ban’s heritage in fashion and music allowed the two companies to build a stronger relationship, with both sides actively listening and understanding. The team had been instrumental in building and maintaining relationships to work closely with the Ray-Ban team to create authentic and legitimate involvement in the live music industry. Another key factor for a successful brand partnership was AEG Global Partnerships’ ability to deliver on its promises made to Ray-Ban that nurtured the longevity of the relationship.

Data was another driving force that built stronger brand relationships and enabled AEG Global Partnerships to deliver performance. Their access to rich data on artists and their audiences through tours and ticketing databases allowed the company to segment its audience effectively. This allowed AEG to segment its audience not just by geography but also by demographics, audience profiling, mapping, and social media platforms. The data provided insights for AEG Global Partnerships to understand which social media platforms the audience uses, the kinds of newspapers they read, and their propensity to purchase certain products or categories. The team then created targeted marketing campaigns that resonated with specific audiences and amplified campaign effectiveness.

Merging physical and digital worlds for harmonious experiences

Taking the Ray-Ban x AEG partnership a notch higher was their innovative merging of the physical and digital worlds to create a memorable experience for their customers through the ‘5G Event’.

They collaborated to use content to promote the event through social media and digital pre-event campaigns. The focus was on taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technology to create a seamless and harmonious blend between the two worlds. The success of the partnership was measured based on metrics such as celebrities and artists who were featured in social media posts wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses at the festival, engagement at the experiential space, and sales of limited edition ‘All Points East Ray-Ban’ sunglasses.

Live events such as live music and sports have the power to create unforgettable experiences that no other form of advertising can achieve. Brands that are part of these events can become a lasting memory for their customers, gaining their loyalty and trust. AEG and Ray-Ban’s partnership is an example of brands leveraging live events sponsorship to create a unique brand experience for their customers.


Ray-Ban’s Summer Sessions was a resounding success, with over 2,000 consumers and 1,000 VIPs attending the event. By the end of Luno presents All Points East, 78% of attendees were aware of the partnership between Ray-Ban and the festival. Sentiment tracking revealed a 30% increase in consideration by the end of August, showing that the partnership was effective in boosting Ray-Ban’s brand awareness and perception. Additionally, the activity surrounding the Summer Sessions generated more than 35 million media impressions and 47 million social impressions, further increasing Ray-Ban’s reach and exposure. The All Points East 2022 app, which allowed brands and sponsors to communicate their messages and offers with fans, saw 120,000 downloads across the whole of Luno presents All Points East. This highlighted the success of the festival’s sponsorship and partnership efforts.

Overall, Ray-Ban’s Summer Sessions demonstrated the power of strategic partnerships and experiential marketing in driving brand awareness and consideration among consumers.


The relationship between Ray-Ban and AEG Global Partnerships demonstrated the efficacy of music festivals and data-driven audience segmentation to effectively promote brands. The collaboration enabled Ray-Ban to engage with both musicians and festival attendees, which helped to increase the brand’s recognition and establish a strong presence among music enthusiasts.

Using AEG Global Partnerships’ data-driven approach to audience segmentation, Ray-Ban was able to develop a comprehensive understanding of its target audience, by understanding their preferences, behaviors, and music interests. This knowledge was instrumental in building stronger brand relationships, devising targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the intended audience to heighten brand recall value.

The partnership showcased the importance of cultural events and data to meet consumers in the most engaging, human-first manner that ultimately led to greater brand loyalty and business success.

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