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Hotels are the most sought facilities in the hospitality industry and it helps to be able to identify a fitting one in a given location without spending too much time. The easiest way to identify a hotel and get in contact with it instantly is by using an Hotels Database, Directory & Marketing List. That way, the interested person is able to make inquiries, and if necessary, bookings. One is also able to get details in advance regarding the kind of clientele who frequent the place, the pricing, social amenities and other important details.


There are other players too in the industry who ride on the performance of hotels to grow their businesses. 


Some Beneficiaries Of a Database


These include:

a) Tour guides

The tour guides would use the mailing lists to advise their clients on where they can put up or even enjoy meals. They would also know where they can get business taking residents from the hotels to areas of interest.


b) Catering colleges

These would like to know the places they can send their students for attachment or internship.


c) Holiday makers

People planning to visit a certain state would benefit by knowing the different hotels in the area and their different categories, and having a mailing list would facilitate effective and timely communication.


d) Food suppliers

People looking for customers for their fresh produce and other products would use the mailing list as a census record to assess the sales capacity available. It is also easier to seek business opportunities via e-mail which is also cost-effective.


e) Hotel booking agencies

Firms that book hotels for visitors will definitely find the e-mail list of hotels handy.


Features Included In a Good Marketing List


An Database, Directory & Marketing List would be desirable if it had:


i. Name

ii. Class , e.g. 3-star; 4-star; 5-star

iii. Bed capacity

iv. E-mail address

v. Physical address, including state, county, street, etc.

vi. Current postal address

vii. Active telephone number

viii. Any special details, e.g. no pets; dress code; etc.

ix. Unique dishes available

x. Exclusivity, if any

xii. Versatile database

xiii. Adjustable e-mail list, allowing for deletions and additions 

xiv. Hours of operation, e.g. 24hr; closing at 10pm; etc.


Hotels, being providers of essential services, may have more people interested in their Directory than anyone might imagine. Even citizens would benefit from them when travelling within a different part of the state from where they reside.