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Accurate and Updated Email Lists of Hotels in the USA and Europe.

The USA Lists contains over 24,000 Hotel Email Addresses and the European List over 9,000.

Did you know that email is the third most influential information source for a B2B audience? It is the most reliable source of information, right after recommendations from colleagues and industry thought leaders. If your business caters to the hotel industry, you definitely need to consider using emails for marketing and publicity so that more potential clients can find you. But for that, you will firstly need a reliable Email List or Directory of Hotels.

Finding a comprehensive list of hotel email addresses is not as simple as it sounds. You may come across numerous online hotel databases on the internet, but most of the time, you will find that they are either not updated or contain a lot of errors. What you need is an error-free, well-researched, and up-to-date hotel directory that can give you all the information you need to expand your client base.

Having a complete email list of hotels helps your business reach out to more potential clients in your area and increases your chances of landing a deal. You may sometimes need more than just email addresses too. A hotel database that can provide you with street addresses and telephone numbers as well can give you a much better scope of reaching your potential customers.

Get a well-researched, accurate email list of hotels for your business

A good list of hotel email addresses is curated with much care and effort to ensure that there are no invalid contacts or incorrect information. We understand how important it is for your business to reach out to prospective clients and network to achieve greater heights. This is what drives us to create the most comprehensive and accurate online hotel database to meet your email marketing and networking needs.

Our online hotel directory is created after much painstaking research and verification. We research the web for hours to find the correct and valid email addresses of hotels in your area. Each email address, street address, and telephone number is then meticulously verified to ensure that all the contact information we provide is authentic and functional. Any email addresses or telephone numbers that are found to be invalid are immediately removed from our email list of hotels.

If an accurate and complete email list of hotels is what you’re looking for, go ahead and select USA List of Hotels or a European List from the above Navigation Menu

What our Hotel Database offers:-

We understand that when you pay for a list of hotel email addresses, you expect a list that guarantees the deliverability of your emails with minimum bounce backs. Most other email lists of hotels may disappoint you, but not ours.

Our online hotel database offers you –

  • 1,000s of records with complete email addresses, websites, and other information wherever available

  • 100% guarantee against Hard Bounces – See our Guarantee in the Shopping Cart

  • CASS verified postal addresses of most USA Hotels

  • Records of almost 90% non-brand name hotels that are hard to find elsewhere

  • Thousands of unique email address at a super lower price. See the order now button at the bottom of this page for current pricing and counts.

If you order both the Directories of European and American Hotels, you also get 15% off the marked price. We assure that you wouldn’t find a better deal than this. So select  of hotel email addresses now.

What makes our email list of Hotels unique?

The amount of time and effort we spend on creating a unique and accurate email list of hotels is what makes the difference.

With our hotel directory, we can guarantee –

  • Guarantee of No Hard Bounces – see the Shopping Cart for full details

  • CASS verified postal addresses

  • 1000s of email addresses at an affordable price

So, look no further. The ideal email list of hotels is right here.

To order your email list of USA and/or European Hotels:

  • Select the List of interest from the above Navigation Menu

  • Go to the URL of the list you require

  • Complete the payment

  • Within a few hours we will send you a Link to download your selected Email List of Hotels in .CSV format

Payment can be done via PayPal using any major credit card or a PayPal account.

It’s as simple as that.

Or go to the USA Order Page below:


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Why choose us?

We understand the importance of thorough research and validation to create a comprehensive list of email addresses. We conduct hours of diligent research just to bring you an authentic list of prospective clients in the hotel business.

We ensure that you get what you are paying for, with zero bounce backs to your inbox. Many businesses have seen tremendous success in their email marketing campaigns with our mailing lists. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Select your Email Database of Hotels right away to see your profits boost.


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Email List of Hotels should be your first source of leads if you’ve been supplying items or services to hotels, or if you’ve been thinking to increase the size of your clients as well as your sales figure and profit margin. It’s best to use the list as it is consisted of at least 20 thousand hotels in United States . As a matter of fact, the list is rapidly growing and has become the first source of marketing option in the niche of hospitality. As of today, this particular list is still leading as other directories do not own such a cheap and long list of ready buyers. Many users of the list prefer to utilize the emails rather than postal addresses as emails produce quicker results and they are more economical. As a matter of fact, the emails in this list are valid and active, so messages can be delivered to prospects with 100 percent guarantee. Unlike other email lists, this list only contains updated emails, and this explains its 100% deliverable promise.

Hotels play a vital role in the community – they serve the needs of locals as well as tourists. In the database there are various hotels to choose from, and each of them comes with different purposes and benefits.


Hotel Mailing list

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